Residential Skip Bin Truck

Total Waste Disposal Recycling


At Total Waste, we don't just provide skip bins for your residential, commercial, or building waste needs, we also help you get rid of that waste. We strive to manage waste in an environmentally and sustainable way, ensuring that your waste is managed, recycled, and disposed of with the effects on our ecosystem in mind. Total Waste has been recycling waste from our skip bins for over 20 years, and we were one of the first in Perth to do so!

We recycle your waste from your skip bin here in Perth. We have a designated waste transfer facility, located in Jandakot, where your waste is sorted into categories.

We accept the following types of waste to be recycled:

  • Wood and timber
  • Scrap metal
  • Building rubble (Concrete, ceramics, bricks, and soil)
  • Sand
  • Cardboard
  • Green waste (leaves, tree parts, grass trimmings and yard clippings, and other plant materials)
  • Plastics

Waste can be mixed in the skip bin; we do the sorting for you! All the materials go to a designated transfer facility, where they are diligently sorted by hand. The building rubble and sand are sent to our dedicated landfill and recycling facility in Muchea. These materials are properly screened and then go through the process of recycling, including being crushed and turned into road base and drainage rock. This material can then be used for a variety of purposes and projects, including gravel driveways, sewage and drainage systems, and even for aesthetic purposes in residential gardens.

While we accept a wide range of materials to be recycled, we request that you do not mix any waste that has been in contact with wet concrete paint or glue. Unfortunately, it cannot be recycled. We also ask that gas bottles not be placed in the bins; they also are unable to be recycled and pose a threat as there is a danger of the bottles igniting or exploding.

To ensure that your waste is recycled efficiently and sustainably, contact Total Waste today about hiring one of our skip bins, or visit our contact page to get in touch about our environmentally friendly procedures and efforts towards conservation. Total Waste is a major sponsor of the Darling Range Wildlife Foundation and have been for many years.